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With the restoration of any vehicle, cost and time of your project have many variables.

Restoration may have a different definition to one person than another.

Your desire of the final condition of the project is your desires vs the reality of your budget.

Restored to budget would require a lot of decisions making; such as deciding on new/reproduced/used parts (if even available) from the "GROUND-UP" or "SIMPLE REPAIRS" - looks good / looks new / looks new & original.

Remember A picture of your vehicle does not provide "HIDDEN DAMAGE" that can only be determined during the dismantling process and will increase the cost and turn around time of your project.

An Email with a pictures is important, but still can not determine a diagnosise of all work it may require. We can give a ruff estimate on specific areas of repairs, but like a doctor we need to see the patient.

Even then hidden damage such as rot wiring ect. may be worse than expected during the dismantling process.

With this in mind, remember pictures are good, but to get the best estimate on cost and time depends on the extent of work and hour required on your project vehicle.

Any further questions, give us an email, but calling is the best way to avoid the back and forth vollying of emails. If we are not available please leave a message with your name and number and we will get back to you.

Here is a link to help with your own decision making...

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